I got the money back from him.

Did you see what happened out there?

He is a dentist by profession.

I want to hire him.

We just did what we had to do.


Danny never used to be so obnoxious.

Animals follow their instincts.

I owe my success to her help.

Micah didn't get paid for it.

Bomb-making criminals frequently have the motive of wanting public attention.

When the input exceeds a certain threshold, an output signal is instantaneously released.

He is lacking in decisiveness.

Pratt winked and blew a kiss.

Jeff died without heirs.


Why did Bill tear the letter into pieces?

It is still colder today.

He earns over 500 dollars a month with that job.


There is a yellow rose.

Kitty isn't photogenic.

The city was blanketed with snow.


I will have finished this task by next Friday.

He plunged into the lake fully clothed.

We still have a long way to go.


It looked yellow to me.

What do you think was the most read article this year on the Japanese version of Wikipedia?

The doctor wants you to stay one week more in bed.


His parents were too poor to send their son to college.

Do you go in for sports?

The jobless rate in Japan was 3.4 percent in September 2015.

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John has hardly ever gone to bed before midnight.

Would you care to bet?

We tried store after store, but were unable to find what we wanted.

We took care of our horses by turns.

I saw him a few minutes ago.


In the case of language, however, it is only the ability to talk and understand that we inherit genetically; the particular language or languages that we speak are passed on to us not by genetic transmission but by cultural transmission.

My dad has been juggling working full-time at home, taking care of me, and taking care of the dog, all at the same time.

Close the door before going to bed.

The town will change in another ten years.

We will give them moral support.

Astrobiologists think our best bet for finding life on other planets is to search for water.

We have to do the shopping.

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Have you heard her speaking English?

An old man lay dead on the road.

He is cleverer than I.

Judy has no idea what Juha is thinking.

I could do with a change of pace.


One time, I went to the atelier of a painter I had just met in the middle of the night. It was a dark room in an attic.


That sure sounds ominous.


In Hong Kong there are two types of liquid food which are considered absolutely vital: Cantonese soup and congee. It is curious to note that however "thick and ingredient-filled" the soup is, it's always drunk and however "thin" the congee is, it's always eaten.


A purple boat was arriving, drifting in the gulf.

The shabby flat is vacant.

Sit down and have a drink.

We have the same barber.

Laurence is afraid to go to the dentist.

I can't make head or tail of what you say.

I guess I'm OK with that.

I've outgrown my need to sleep with a teddy bear.

I'll meet Connie tomorrow at 2:30.

Julius wanted to know what Sanjib did during her summer vacation.

I am going to play soccer tomorrow.


I love Miki and I'm pretty sure that he loves me.

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He hurt his knee when he fell.


I don't know how to use this.


The sun caressed her body.


Without you, my life would have been totally empty.


My friend had a miscarriage and I don't know how to comfort her.

I'll kill the both of you.

Why did you fail the entrance examination?

Man may invent anything, save for the art of being happy.

During one session of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, an average of eight laws are adopted.


I said I'd wait for Stevan.

Although this chap came into the world in a somewhat impudent fashion, before he was sent for, his mother was pretty; we had fun making him, and the illegitimate fellow must be acknowledged.

Vic's eyelids were half open.

I got my license this summer.

Spanish is her native language.

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The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.

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There was a fire near the house today.


Nancy never fails to write to me once a month.

All I want to do is sit here and drink this bottle of wine with you.

The cake tastes divine!

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The Cornette-trilogy was named after the ice cream brand.

I'm not one of your employees.

They mark down goods at that shop.


I am free of debt.


Dylan took a few steps forward.

Is it too late?

He was born in America.

This is utterly insane.

Kory has agreed to do as you suggested.

Many English words derive from Latin.

Where does that leave them?


I think, due to its importance, coffee should have at least one capital letter.


He likes to cook for his family.


I don't know where they are.

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The world is getting smaller every year.


She gave us something to eat.

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I'm reading a letter.

Never lose your fighting fists.

He comes to meet me sometimes.


He studied hard in order to pass the test.


We used to bathe in this river in our childhood.

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Adam used the floor jack.

You don't have to say anything if you don't feel like it.

Benson's father was my French teacher.


That's all I worry about.

I have best job in the world.

Let me shell the crab.

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Pam is lying on the table.

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Don't listen to the man.


He writes the Chinese characters very well.

Explorers looked for shortcuts in space-time to meander serendipitously through the universe.

Don't interfere with him if you want him to like you.

They did not give up hope.

I don't remember Edwin.

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I have been wanting to kiss you since the moment I saw you.

Who taught you to write?

Irfan was really great.

Where are they living now?

I'm feeling kind of tired.

The dress was most becoming to her.

Many will die.

The mother may well be proud of her wise son.

Five plus two makes seven.

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The Ship Island region was as woody and tenantless as ever.


I hope my Spanish improves quickly.

Robert could tell that Ofer didn't enjoy the concert.

I'll meet you in the lobby.

First thrive and then take a wife.

I caught him trying to sneak out.

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He would smile his approval.

He gave me some stamps.

Let's just go home.

Vidhyanath is proud of his car.

They conducted a series of experiments under zero gravity.

We had a party outside.

We have to do that today.

Tor is such a diffident man. He seems to have quite low self-esteem.

Zeal for your house will consume me.

The fear of failure is one of the most widespread fears in the world.

I'm very disappointed.

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Sofia felt like a fish out of water.

I have bad news for you, Merat.

It wasn't much of a plan.

Do you want to give it a go?

What's new about this way of urban living?

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Peace is of great importance.

I'm going to study harder.

How much does the kilo of onions cost?

Spock wanted to eat at the small restaurant behind the hotel.

I've never told anyone before.

May the gods and goddesses always bless you.

She made it in a total of 19 hours and 55 minutes, which is shorter than the previous record by 10 hours.

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Lum is always happy.